Significant Contributions of Jason Hope in Anti-Aging Research

Jason Hope is futuristic that has a high passion for technology and do a lot to ensure that the world of technology is well embraced. There is a tendency where people are not living longer due to the affections from deadly diseases that cut short the lives of human beings. And to ensure that there is a solution to that problem, Mr. Hope is contributing towards the research institutions that are developing drugs to cure deadly diseases such as cancer so that people can live longer.

One of the renowned organizations that are doing great in anti-aging research is SENS, and that has been the primary focus of Jason Hope by providing donations so that the organization can be able to carry its research efficiently. The SENS is a non-profit organization that solely depends on the contribution of scientist, researchers and other investors that have passion towards anti-aging research.

Therefore, so that the research for anti-aging is carried out as required Jason Hope has offered donations of about $500,000 to SENS where it was used for the construction of laboratory as well as opening research programs for researchers. Based on the facts is that when the drug is identified for the degenerative diseases, human beings will be able to live for more years because their health will be well maintained.

Jason was born and raised in Arizona since he earned his finance degree from Arizona State University. He has been successful in business and more so great achievements that led to gain international recognition. Currently, Hope lives in Scottsdale in Arizona where he is greatly involved in businesses and projects. However, most of his time he uses to conduct research more so in the underlying anti-aging research using technology.

The philanthropic character of Jason makes him to generously provide contributions to research institutions that are in need of funds in anti-aging research. It is the desire and determination of Jason Hope to see every person living a healthy life that is free from life challenges and more so it is not cut short by the degenerative diseases. Jason Hope affirms that if a cure is found to cure the diseases, people will be able to leave comfortably and achieve their dreams. It is evident that Mr. Hope has a significant contribution to the anti-aging research and participate whenever possible to ensure that the goals are met effectively without challenges of finances.

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Dr. Dov Rand, A Unique Approach To Aging and Health

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical professional who helps those in need, specifically in the area’s of losing unwanted fat and slowing down the human aging process. He has a genuine passion for his expertise in assisting the clients he’s responsible to. Dr. Dov Rand has a specific method for treating his patients. This method is difficult and rare as it is called hormone therapy. Supposedly the therapy increases positive hormones in the human condition and decreases the negative hormones in the body. It is the opposite of what happens in the biological system of a human when he/she ages, and the amount of negative hormones increases as the surplus of positive hormones get subtracted from the system. As a result the individual’s mood is affected, and results of alleviated depression has been recorded. Before Dr. Dov Rand came to this interesting process of treatment, he studied at The Albert Einstein Medical Center of New York. And as a Hormone Specialist, He is President of The Healthy Aging Medical Center in New Jersey where he commits to the health and well being of his patients, especially those who have undergone brain trauma and other traumatic injuries of the brain. Aside from Dr. Dov Rand’s previous achievements in anti aging techniques, hormonal specialties, and other such contributions to society, he has also developed a diet called the human chorionic gonadotropin diet. This diet is safer than other such approaches to losing weight, and it works organically with the body’s natural functions and processes to create reduced weight gain in the client. Furthermore, the human chorionic gonadotropin diet contains a hormone usually found in pregnant woman, which systematically decreases muscle tightness in the body, unlike other such approaches which increase bodily pain and muscle cramps. Dr. Dov Rand has proven his methods for such a common happening that is the aging of the mortal body.