CAA: Austin’s Premier Anesthesiology Care

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association of Austin, also known CAA, is the largest independent Medic that specializes in the art of anesthesiology. CAA has over 210 certified doctors and nurses in over 20 medical facilities. The organization’s quality care and staff, together, result in the greatest anesthesiology to citizens all over the Austin area.

CAA provides the most complex anesthesia service, while also considering a patients needs. The staff over at CAA want to make sure that clients are properly handled and cared for. The organization’s faculty is currently comprised of over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Each and every nurse has the task of maintaining a safe, yet comfortable, environment for all patients.

The staff at CAA is required to administer the correct type anesthesia to each individual. CAA distributes all of most common forms. They include: general, regional, local, pediatric, and many more. The variety of different forms is to insure that each patient has been provided the most optimum care, depending on their specific needs. CAA believes that different calamities call for different types of care.

The doctors and nurses of CAA have a great involvement in the community. Many volunteer their time and skills to a various number of non-profit organizations. These organizations’ missions consist of helping individuals who wouldn’t normally be able to pay for anesthesia, for surgeries or dental care. Many of them revolve around helping children and the elderly.

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