Makari: Exquisite Beauty For Dark Complexions


Makari is the first high end luxury cosmetic, skin and hair care company that manufactures products exclusively for dark skinned people. Their wide array of products are made with the world’s finest and purest blends of botanical and natural products that are gentle and effective.

Makari, the Swahili word for beauty, is the very essence of dark skinned beauty. The various skin care lotions and soaps are designed to lighten skin and even out skin tone. No harsh chemicals are used, only those found in nature and rich in antioxidants and other rich hydrating components. Hydroquinones are never used as they are harsh to the skin and not any more effective than naturally occurring plant oils.

Manufactured and researched in Switzerland, Makari has made a name for itself in all things beautiful for dark complexions. Under the standards synonymous with Swiss research, Makari products are tested for safety and efficacy. Makari uses high quality and natural lightening products like carrots, rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A (often labelled as retinol), vitamin C and caviar extract, rich in protein and collagen.

With a variety of creams, lotions and cleansers that include hydrating smoothing oils such as argan and carrot, Makari is the world’s first luxury brand of lightening cosmetics for the discriminating dark skinned men and women.

No other skin care company can lighten skin and tone dark skin like Makari. They are setting the standard for dark beauty on every level for face, hands and body.

Mike Baur Joining Fintech Accelerator Fusion

Mike Baur has long held a position in the private banking industry. Since childhood, his lifelong passion was in financial and banking services. He eventually attended the University of Rochester in New York to receive his MBA. Immediately after, he spent 20 years in the private Swiss banking industry. Over time, he moved up the ladder to hold an executive position at one of the country’s largest private banks.

He felt that he was best able to lend his services by offering advice to young companies. As a result, he becomes a co-founder of the Swiss Start Up Factory. This organization funds and offers advice to new and promising digital startups around the country. After applying, a batch of companies will be chosen to be given personal help from some of the leading Swiss entrepreneurs and business men, including Mike Baur.

There are several different groups that offer similar services, and recently, the Swiss Start Up Factory joined one of them. The Fintech Accelerator Fusion was made to close the gap between the French and the Swiss German components of startups around Switzerland. Together, the accelerators will work to fund all different forms of digital startups around the country.

The two different accelerators complement each other well. They both offer unique insight into the early and prototypical phase of a startup. Together, the two new accelerators will collaborate on the selection process for new companies in order to ensure the best companies are chosen throughout all of Switzerland. In addition, this new cooperative will work closely with universities in the country.

The reason such a cooperative was necessary was because, as Mike Baur put it “linguistic diversity and … regional separation, Switzerland often lacks effective efforts to concentrate these very strengths and resources.” In effect, because of the diversity of the country is so great, it has trouble connecting all the different components of the country into a cohesive entrepreneurial output. Now, however, they can.

A Sucessful Business Leader, Stephen Murray

Starting a career is never easy. The road may even seem never ending. Therefore, learning from successful leaders would benefit anyone, personally and/or in a career.

Colleges, Universities or Trade Schools, offer curriculums, groups, organizations and social networks. They ensure the growth of students: whom are serious to become successful. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Success as a student embraces success in the job market. Think of yourself as the next president of the USA, BUT, think outside the box and become a business chairmen and/or a CEO.

One great leader that started in a College, Stephen Murray, has surpassed the reputation of many leaders. His career started when he graduated from College in 1984 with a degree in Economics. After his degree in Economics he entered College in 1989, earning a Master Degree in Business.

A College or University has standards and organizations in place to prepare students for the business world. The extra benefit is to gain an open door to a variety of social networks; as seen with Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The Educational environment helped Stephen graduate and pursue his career in top niche companies.

He started his career as a Credit Analyst in 1984. Stephen’s educational background blended with positivity, contributing and meeting business needs, moved his career into sucessful over drive by co-founding CCMP Capital. Of course his drive made him a CEO in 2006.

Stephen used his College experience in becoming a member of The Chairman’s Council, Make A Wish Foundation, and a Food Bank Organization.

He served on the board of Aramark, Genetic Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe and Legacy Hospital Partners; just to mention a few.

Stephen Murray was an extraordinary leader; As seen in his achievements. His career started as a private equity investor opening the door to becoming a CEO and gaining the prestige of sitting on Boards.

As a great business leader, it is with sadness that he passed away March 15, 2015; at the age of 52. However, Stephens achievements should be a business model to follow, to embark on success.