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According to report found on, studies have revealed that businesses embracing gender-diversity are highly likely to outperform those that do not embrace it. The statistics further showed that ethnically-diverse businesses have 35% chances to outperform those that do not diversify. These companies can easily create new ideas because of diversity because it brings broader perspectives. However, despite these statistics, the number of women serving in executive positions in S&P companies is still very low.

Women in Leadership

Susan McGalla has opened the way for other women leaders to serve in executive positions at high profile companies. Having grown up with two sibling brothers and football trainer dad, Susan had to work hard in order to receive what she wanted. It was a vital lesson she learned and carried it forward in her personal and professional life. McGalla has achieved great success while serving several high profile positions at different companies.

Over the years, women’s groups and initiatives have strived hard to bring change in the leadership of businesses. These groups have shown that women have potential and are capable of holding executive positions same way as men. They assist women and offer them opportunities to hold executive positions and support each other.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla began her career in 1994 at Joseph Hone Company, which opened her path to joining American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. According to McGalla, American Eagle had no women serving as executives or on board when she joined it. Through her hard work, she excelled and outperformed her male counterparts. McGalla held various positions and eventually became the president and also chief merchandising officer in charge of P&L, four brands, e-commerce site and revenues worth $3 billion.

After leaving the company, she became a consultant for high profile individuals in the finance industry, where she provided advice on the world of retail. It is her believe that more and more women will continue to work hard and make their way up the corporate ladder. Currently, Susan McGalla is working at Pittsburgh Steelers where she serves as VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She graduated with a BA degree from Mount Union College.


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