A Seasoned Entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle Pushes For A New Kind of Marketplace

various roles Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT and Sanford where he studied Computer Science. In 1995, he co-founded NetNoir, a media production website that dealt with Afrocentric Culture, before moving on to serve as CEO of Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW). He has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bejing, Tokyo, and London. Time spent in the first East allowed him to pick up Japanese fluently and Mandarin a working knowledge basis.

Seen as a serial entrepreneur, he has made investments in Facebook, Zynga and other such tech startups over the years. Malcolm CasSelle’s years of experience, filled with successes and failures, have seen him play within startups including technology-based, product and sales based, marketing and most importantly fund rasing based. Collectively he has raised more than $7 billion in all and currently is acting Chief Technology Officer at OPSkins. It is considered far and wide as the number one online in-game asset exchange marketplaces in the world.

The sort of assets they help players to exchange are not ones you would come to expect as being lucrative for any business, but with hundreds of millions in userbase, they have helped to grow an industry worth billions of dollars on its own.

One of the ways OPSkins and Malcolm CasSelle have aimed to capitalize on the growth of the market is through the introduction of WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange. It takes blockchain to the next level by providing gamers a more robust and secure way to exchange digital assets no matter where they are in the world. This technology is essential because it allows for players to sell and buy digital assets in a way that is both instantaneous, indifferent to the many currencies currently on the market (think Bitcoin, and other like cryptocurrencies), as well as barrier faced with language.

It achieves this by letting gamers generate tokens based on “Guilds” they are voted on by the user base. As a stored value, it also provides smart contracts that ensure once a transaction is initiated both users get what they bargained for in the end.

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