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She is a major antagonist of Doom 2016, with characteristics similar to Malcolm Betruger of the Doom 3 series and Dr. Guerard of the Doom RPG storyline. She opposes Samuel Hayden, whose claimed interests are only in Hell's Argent energy, by trying to bargain with the. I tried some research about the ending of Doom 2016. Although Dr. Hayden admits that he cannot kill the Doom slayer, I am still wondering why. Apparently, he had the Doom Slayer under tether activation, which I believe compromised Doom Slayer's action. He also possessed the crucible saber. I mean. he could kill Doom Slayer easily. General Hayden is the human military commandant of the UAC space marine garrison in the Doom 3 novels c. 2144-2145. He was a general in the space marines. He was in command of what was less than a United States military unit than a Union Aerospace Corporation private security force. “I have many regrets, Dr. Hayden. This was another one of several excellent, show-don't-tell moments that characterizes both Doom Slayer and Hayden. 10/10. Continue this thread. DOOM Eternal Worried about Dr.Hayden. submitted 8 months ago by [deleted] One of the most lasting impressions that i got from Doom 2016, is that Hayden character. Eargasmic voice, amazing background, very nuanced position with villain-friend execution. In Doom.

This leads to two hypotheses: The Slayer either retook the crucible from Dr. Samuel Hayden or; There is a second crucible that The Slayer has acquired, meaning a possible confrontation between Dr. Samuel Hayden and The Slayer resulting in a possible sword-duel most likely ending with Dr. Samuel Hayden being destroyed. However, Doom is Enteral. I had NO idea of this dialogue line until I re-played doom 2016 recently with SUBTITLES ON. When the Slayer initiates VEGA's destruction and backs him up, there is a small exchange between VEGA and Hayden over com and VEGA says something that is totally indistinguishable and one needs subtitles or an audio modifier lol to understand. Sin embargo, la verdadera forma del crisol no se revela directamente hasta el final del juego, cuando el Dr. Hayden se lo quita al Doom Slayer con fuerza mientras está cautivo por el Dispositivo de anclaje. Samuel Hayden parece conocer mucho más sobre El Crisol de lo que deja ver, ya que sabe cómo. The Crucible, a central plot item in Doom 2016, is an artifact from Argent D'Nur which wields mysterious control over the Argent energy reserves of Hell, capable of shutting down—and apparently reactivating—the source of that energy known as the Well. Samuel Hayden sends the Doom marine back into Hell with the purpose of reclaiming.

Doom previously titled Doom 4 is a new installment in the Doom series released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 13, 2016.[1] An additional port to the Nintendo Switch by developer Panic Button was released on November 10, 2017.[2] It is the third major game created by id Software and published by. Some they love him, others they hate him but something we most agree is then his voice actor is just perfect. Meanwhile im working with the engineer i was finishing the last parts of Dr. Samuel Hayden. So for the body is allmost all T-800 exccept the head spartan.

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