3 Objectives Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a committee of reformists dedicated to raising money for strategies to counter the influence of citizens united. Citizens United is an election campaign movement which supports election candidates through the financial backing and strategised campaigns. It raises money for such candidates through different undisclosed means. The danger in such undisclosed, unlimited funding is that compromise is possible in elections. This lack of transparency in election expenditure was the reason for the creation of reason End citizens united.


End citizens was formed on March 1st, 2015. The aim was to counter the effects of a federal court ruling in 2010 that allowed for unlimited, undisclosed election campaign expenditure. The group was launched in August 2015. Its director is Tiffany Muller, an alumnus of Washburn and Maryland college park universities where she studied Human services and public administration at undergraduate and postgraduate levels respectively. The group continues to raise grassroots awareness about the need for political reform.

Pro-Reform candidates

End citizens sponsors and support election candidates who want to help bring about change. It supports Democrat but also enjoys the goodwill of Republicans who long for change. Its goal is to see pr-reform candidates elected for their ability to deliver what American citizens want.

Capping UndsiclosedCampaign finance

The group united campaigns for transparency and accountability in election campaigns. The federal ruling of 2010that allowed for undisclosed political spending during elections made way for corrupt deals by-election candidates and placed democracy at stake. End citizen united demands an end to secrecy about election campaign expenditure. The group wants forefront records on election spending. They also want a cap on the amount of money spent on election campaigns. The objective behind End Citizens United is to restore democracy through transparency and accountability in American elections. The members wish to empower citizens to determine their destiny through democratic polls


End citizens united receives financial support comes from the grassroots, funded by the American citizens and well-wishers. The group uses innovative ways of collecting money. For instance, they have a platform online which has a donation page. They also encourage affiliate formations of similar groups website has guidelines about the changes they seek.

The credibility of election is at stake in the united states. There is need to restore the citizen’s confidence in a free and fair election. End Citizens United can sensitise citizens about credibility in elections.

For details: endcitizensunited.org/about/

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