The RealReal Meets Fashion Mecca New York City!

The RealReal, a luxury consignment shop has recently opened its doors in fashion mecca New York City. The premium shop began strictly with an online presence six years ago. It later re-invented itself with the advent of pop-up marketing. This opportunity allowed the brand to test out the retail market with a temporary physical presence in efforts to foster brand awareness. The concept worked so well that it garnered $2 million in revenue. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Julie Wainwright launched another successful pop-up event in San Francisco California. Shortly after, the company noticed that there was a constant 500 percent increase of online buyers from the west coast area. Next, the resale company will explore pop-up series in other cities like Las Vegas. The RealReal has revolutionized the fashion industry by bringing a new shopping experience to the general public. The company has incorporated posh details like a coffee shop and a flower store in the Soho New York location. They also feature shopping events and learning courses on luxury brands and jewelry insight. The RealReal will continuously recreate its brand and keep customers on the edge of their seats by bringing new concepts to its future stores. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and Celine are high-end labels that the brand offers their customers. The company’s savvy staff find creative ways to keep their in-store racks and online inventory stocked with premium apparel, high-end jewelry, and elegant homewares. Businesswoman Julie Wainwright feels that her success hinges on cultivating and sustaining customer trust and brand credibility. She professionally inspects and authenticates all consignment merchandise before it is presented for sale. The RealReal has created six valuation offices in the US that takes care of these processes. The offices also allow resellers to gain quotes and to drop off items for online sales. The RealReal is at the forefront of the luxury resale market-it adds another level to the average shopping experience. The company’s physical presence will indelibly enhance New York City’s fashion landscape.

Lacey and Larkin condemn actions of Joe Arpaio

Last year President Trump did one of the most unpopular things in the history of the search for equal rights and justice for all. President Trump pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was facing accusations of racial profiling. The courts had in July 2017 found him guilty of disobeying court orders in cases that involved racial profiling.

Joe Arpaio had been ordered by the courts to stop all actions that amounted to discrimination of the immigrants in the county. However, he did not stop. Together with his officers, they continued oppressing the immigrants and disregarding their human rights in one of the most lethal ways.

The acts of violation committed by Joe Arpaio involved grave violation of human rights such as depth. Some people died following mistreatment in concentration camps that he had established to deal with illegal immigrants.

According to a report that was done by Phoenix New Times, there was a woman who died after he was denied an opportunity to seek mediation while in the concentration camp. Joe is also accused of making women give birth while chained to their beds. The mistreatment in the concentration camps as revealed by the media outlet was horrible.

For someone accused of such grave matters, it is disheartening how he managed to get away with such crimes. It is even perplexing that the president of the United States thinks that this is a man who deserves to be set free.

Unless the American law does no longer apply, it is sad that someone facing such accusations has finally been set free by a court of law through the recommendation of the president.

It is a sad time to be alive to see such injustices happen with no any action being taken. As a country, we need to evaluate ourselves and determine where the rains started beating us. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It is unimaginable that we have the temerity to condone such actions and to make it worse, the actions are coming from the highest office on the land.

Two people in the media industry have scrutinized the actions of Joe Arpaio. There is Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They are experienced journalists in the United States and the owners of Phoenix New Times. The two journalist have been concerned with the things that have been happening.

First of all, they are sad that Joe Arpaio has finally been acquitted. This is the worst travesty of justice that can happen in any part of the world. They believe that Joe Arpaio deserves to be in custody because of the crimes he has committed. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Lacey Larkin term the pardon as a sad event in the history of human rights activism. That Joe Arpaio is free is something we should all be ashamed of. Joe committed some heinous acts which deserve to be punished. Lacey and Larkin know Arpaio very well.

He was behind their arrest in 2007 for a story they did about a secret grand jury order which had given Arpaio powers to search their media house. Lacey and Larkin were released within 24 hours after public outcry.

Reviews About Dr. Jennifer Walden Reveal the Dedication She has to Her Work

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become known for the outstanding work she does in the field of cosmetic surgery. Currently operating a practice in Austin, Texas, she has helped patients actualize their dreams of how they would like to look through the use of 3D imaging. The system known as Vectra, allows patients to see what their body features would like like after having their specific procedures completed. The use of 3D digital imaging along with the technology known as ThermiVa, has gained Dr. Walden the distinction of being a caring professional.

As someone who takes an active role in delivering the best care possible to her patients, the work performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden has also been featured in several issues of Texas Monthly magazine as well as through online sites. She has also been the author of many articles about the practice and procedures used in plastic surgery. Her dedication to serving her patients along with her knowledge and skill has also earned her a reputation among her peers as one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the field today. In fact, her high status as a cosmetic surgeon was so well known that when she chose to transfer her practice from New York to Texas she had two patients who had already set appointments for breast reduction surgeries waiting for her.

In addition to her superior professionalism, Dr. Jennifer Walden has also been described by her patients as someone who listens. In her years at college, Dr. Walden did take classes in women’s studies as well as in psychology. She understands the connection many women have between their level of self-confidence and the way they look. She describes herself as a feminist and a liberal who chose to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery to help women look and feel their best. Walden on facebook