Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen, A Different Approach To Restaurant Business

Smart phones and the internet have led to the ease of access to information. Today, more people recognize the need to eat healthy and organic foods as well as keeping the body fit.

During their days in college, Nathaniel Ru and his two friends recognized the need for green restaurants that were equally fun to hang around. Besides healthy portions, they wanted customers to have a unique feeling whenever they visited the restaurant.

With a lot of energy and zeal, the trio approached a landlady who had an old tavern on M street for retail space. At first, it was difficult to convince the owner of the property to rent them space.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends persisted until the landlady accepted to give them space with the condition that they would give her a more comprehensive business plan and financial backers to their project. That is how Sweetgreen was born.

Over the years, Sweetgreen has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become one of the restaurants of repute with a presence in four cities across the US. The brand manages over 21 branches under its name.

Even with all the growth that Sweetgreen has experienced, the company still maintains its core idea which is farm-to-table and employs a lot of local farmers to achieve this ideal.

With more stores to run, companies find themselves in a situation where they need to compromise the quality of the products to accommodate the vast clientele, but that is not the case with Sweetgreen. The enterprise believes that customers not only buy the products they sell but also their principles.

Some of the unique approaches that Nathaniel Ru and his friends have employed in their business are combining the health of the mind, soul, and spirit with food. Some of Sweetgreen’s stores have Yoga sessions and music shows that give customers unique experiences.

Sweetgreen’s clients are treated to live concerts while enjoying the quality servings that the restaurant has to offer. Such experiences have been nicknamed Sweetlife, and they play a significant role in the growth of the company.

Nathaniel Ru and his partners do not believe in linear management structures. The company does not intend to have big headquarters. On different occasions, the management of restaurant closes its branches so that everyone can work in the hotel.

This technique ensures that all the employees understand the business model of the company and take some time out of their daily routine to know the business’s product let alone interact with customers.

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Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Arrest Criminals and Curb Rate

Securus Technologies uses one of the most advanced technologies available in the market today to offer a broad range of inmate communication services. The company also provides investigative products and services that are far more advanced than what is already available on the market. The primary aim of the enterprise is to ensure that the crime rate in the community it serves is reduced and the inmates have the chance to stay in contact with their loved ones without spending a fortune. Most other companies in the correctional industry charge a lot when it comes to inmate communications, but Securus Technologies is not only charging less but trying meticulously to find new ways to decrease the prices further while increasing the communication opportunities.


Securus Technologies is also making waves of progress in the law enforcement and crime prevention sector. The company has many different products and services for the law enforcement agencies that help them catch the culprit quickly along with the evidence necessary to convict them in the court of justice. Securus Technologies has nearly thirty years of experience in the correctional industry and has developed many cutting-edge products and services for the inmate communications as well as criminal justice sector. The company also provides parolee tracking system that helps in keeping a close watch on the convicted people who are out on parole.


Securus Technologies believes in maintaining transparency with the public, and it is for this reason, the company recently published an online press release. In the press release, Securus Technologies announced the excerpts from the hundreds of letters written to the enterprise to provide positive feedback on the investigative technology it provides. The law enforcement officers who have written to the company believes that such technology is playing a significant role in today’s date to curb the crime rate.

Eric Pulier – Entrepreneur and Founder of vAtomic Systems

Eric Pulier is a prominent United States-based technologist, economist, published author, columnist, philanthropist, public speaker, and founder of over 12 companies in the country. For over two decades of professional experience, he has achieved much in the industry. This means more business and net worth for the companies he has founded. Eric Pulier has also worked to gain a good reputation as a business entity specializing in venture capital. Through his experience in the industry, he has helped more than 25 companies secure capital for their businesses. According to his latest report, he has raised millions of dollars for companies seeking finance to fund their ventures and inventions from investors in and out of the United States.

Some of the companies Eric Pulier has founded include Enterprise Cloud, Service Mesh, Akana, Desktone, United States Interactive, and the Enterprise Cloud Council of Leadership. In addition to founding more than 12 companies, Eric Pulier has also invested most of his money in a wide range of venture capitals in the industry. His innovation into venture capital has led him to partner with numerous venture capital groups as his as well as other charitable organizations to extend his charitable giving. He has also actively invested in numerous start-up companies in the country. His main area of interest s in technology and media. Eric Pulier is also a father of four children with one wife based in Los Angeles. He has also served as the Executive Board Member of Painted Turtle. This is a long-term charitable company that seeks funds to treat children with chronic illnesses all over the country. Eric Pulier is also the Chairperson of the E-Prize Foundation based in the United States.

Eric Pulier is envisioning the world where the economy is seamless. His work is guided through the creation of significant market trends that cannot be disrupted through animated solutions. This is the reason why he was chosen by President Clinton to develop the Presidential Technology Showcase in 1997. Uber emulated this showcase to develop the most sophisticated transport system in the world. Other companies have also gained from him through special advice as well as capital funding through the venture capital.

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How Jason Halpern has Grown his Real Estate Firm.

Jason Halpern is an American real estate professional who has been recognized for the exceptional buildings that he develops. He has been serving the sector for many years, and this has allowed him to acquire sufficient knowledge. Mr. Halpern owns a real estate construction company that is known as JMH Development. The main offices of his firm are in Brooklyn, New York, and he has been its managing director. His background is substantially linked with the industry since his family manages a third generation real estate company that was established approximately 50 years ago. The accomplishments of the enterprise include constructing exceptional properties in the New York and Westchester County. The company has an excellent reputation in the two cities. JHM Development currently owns several commercial real estate properties that it rents out for business in the Westchester County. Jason has been hired to build various state-of-the-art structures in different U.S cities. His success has been profoundly influenced by his passion.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Mr. Halpern’s company has established an outstanding record in offering dependable services, and it has also built a niche for itself. The experience of the real estate guru enables him to stand out from other professionals. JMH Development has served various communities in the United States, and it always ensures to maintain healthy relationships with them. Jason’s ability to associate with the people makes his work exceptional. The construction services that are offered by his company are wide, and they cover both commercial and residential property. The firm understands different markets well, and it has been building lavish real estates that match the luxurious lifestyles in Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Mr. Halpern is also recognized for actively participating in important community courses. He offered a huge donation that significantly assisted in supporting the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center’s activities. The hospital operates from the Westchester Medical Center, and it has well-trained doctors. It is also equipped with a Level 1 Trauma Facility that is used in orthopedic surgery, complex emergency neurosurgery, open heart surgery, and fixing dislocated limbs. Other patients who seek its services are burn victims, children, individuals who have internal injuries, and pregnant women.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

JMH Development also gives back to the society in different regions of the globe. Its latest project is to offer clean water to the people of Egypt and Nepal. It joined efforts with an international water non-profit firm to ensure that more than 650 families access fresh water. The company is still working to ensure that it keeps benefiting people. The Splash and Relief Society of Tigray have been contracted to build the water project. JMH has promised that it will be giving $20000 for every deal that it is offered by the Three Hundred Collins, which is based in Miami.

CAA: Austin’s Premier Anesthesiology Care

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association of Austin, also known CAA, is the largest independent Medic that specializes in the art of anesthesiology. CAA has over 210 certified doctors and nurses in over 20 medical facilities. The organization’s quality care and staff, together, result in the greatest anesthesiology to citizens all over the Austin area.

CAA provides the most complex anesthesia service, while also considering a patients needs. The staff over at CAA want to make sure that clients are properly handled and cared for. The organization’s faculty is currently comprised of over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. Each and every nurse has the task of maintaining a safe, yet comfortable, environment for all patients.

The staff at CAA is required to administer the correct type anesthesia to each individual. CAA distributes all of most common forms. They include: general, regional, local, pediatric, and many more. The variety of different forms is to insure that each patient has been provided the most optimum care, depending on their specific needs. CAA believes that different calamities call for different types of care.

The doctors and nurses of CAA have a great involvement in the community. Many volunteer their time and skills to a various number of non-profit organizations. These organizations’ missions consist of helping individuals who wouldn’t normally be able to pay for anesthesia, for surgeries or dental care. Many of them revolve around helping children and the elderly.

The Omar Boraie is Transforming the Construction Industry

Omar Boraie is one of the most respected businessmen in the United States. The visionary is currently based in New Brunswick, and he has done a lot for the communities living close to him. Omar has invested so much in the city and his latest venture at the center of the prestigious Aspire. According to him, the city will soon be housing deluxe residential and high rise buildings. The businessman has always had these dreams for many years, and he is very excited because his dreams are coming into a reality after a very long time.

Omar currently served as the head of the prestigious Boraie Development LCC. In a recent interview by Rutgers, the businessman says that his new venture has shocked many individuals who never believed in his dreams over the years. When he was travelling as a scholar in Europe, Omar saw some great structures, and this motivated him to rebuild his city in just a similar manner. Before starting to reconstruct the region, everything was horrible, and no one was bothered to make a change. When walking in the city in the evening was taboo. However, Omar knew that he had to change these facts, and that is how his dreams started. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

After working hard for several years, Omar can comfortably sit in his prestigious office that is located in one of the buildings to watch how the city has progressed. Before he began his mission, there were twenty-one buildings, and they were all crumbling. To make his dreams turn into a reality, the businessman decided to acquire the buildings. After successfully purchasing them, the first plan started. At first, many residents thought that the businessman was insane, and he was just wasting his money. However, the time has proven them wrong.

The first project completed by the businessman was known as Tower One, and it was meant for office space. The building was completed in the 80’s. The second one was finished in the year 2003, and it is known as Tower Two. These towers all represented a perfect start for the businessman. However, the businessman realized the need for high-quality residential space, and he embarked on a new journey.

The Boraie Development has done so well over the years due to the support it has received from its founder, Sam Boraie. The company has grown significantly, and it is famed for transforming the city over the years.

Yanni Hufnagel Enjoys A Successful Start To His College Basketball Coaching Career

Success has been a keyword in the career of Yanni Hufnagel, an assistant coach who looks destined to go on to the upper echelons of the basketball coaching fraternity whether it is at the college or professional ranks. At various times in his career, Yanni Hufnagel has been faced with the difficult choices of which coaching positions he should take up at any time, including the difficult choice of taking up an assistant coach role with the Vanderbilt Commodores over the USA U19s team at the 2013 Maccabiah Games.

Yanni Hufnagel has been a man on a mission to prove himself as a dedicated and energetic athletic coach who is not only skilled in bringing the best out of his players but has the ability to recruit players of the highest quality for the teams he works with. After arriving at his first paid assistant coach job in 2007, Yanni Hufnagel set out to make the best possible impression on Oklahoma Head Coach Jeff Capel by setting out of to both coach players and look to assist in bringing the best possible players to the program, including NBA star Blake Griffin.

After arriving at Harvard in 2007 to take up an assistant’s role with the college, Yanni Hufnagel set out to create a new era in the success of the college by spending a long period of time exploring the players on offer to the college and bringing together an impressive series of recruiting classes. The dedication Yanni Hufnagel shows towards his basketball coaching career has also been shown in the educational career of the Scarsdale, New York native who has completed a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, followed by a Masters degree in Adult Higher Education

How David McDonald, OSI Group’s President, is Making an Impact in the Industry

OSI Group does not need an introduction in the meat industry, and neither does Mr. David McDonald, the company’s current president. These two names are synonymous for impacting the meat industry to work in their favor. Since its inception, OSI Group has been able to position itself strategically in the industry thus being able to take advantage of all the opportunities that come its way. Currently, OSI Group is the global leader in meat related products in the industry. How has this company been able to achieve it all?

According to McDonald, they have had to implement a couple of strategies that have so far been able to work to their advantage. One strategy that has been effective globalizing their operations while at the same time localizing their management. This strategy has worked for OSI Group as it has allowed them to take advantage of their large-scale operations and at the same time tend to the sensitive and specific tastes of their market.

The second strategy that Mr. David McDonald successfully implemented for the company is increasing its network of plants operation. OSI has added a new plant in China and plans on adding seven more across the globe to accommodate their fast expanding network and meat consumption capacity.

OSI Group’s prospects for more success are high and will continue this way if the company keeps its focus on customers, equipment, suppliers, and employees. Apart from ensuring that their customers have a constant supply of meat products, OSI Group is also concerned with quality. The company always engages its equipment supplies beforehand to ensure that they are not only supplied with effective equipment but also ones that will guarantee their safety and that of their customers.

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Avaaz contributions to solving world’s pressing issues

Avaaz which means ‘voice’ in some of the European, Asian and Middle East languages, is an online movement that seeks to bring people together to fight a common enemy; any injustice and pressing issues such as climate changes, corruption among other problems.

It does this by empowering them through media campaigns, through emails, inspiring action and even signing petitions. Use of internet in coordinating their activities is what makes Avaaz the most coveted organization. It reaches millions of people and makes their voices heard as fast as possible.

The web based activism revolution was founded in 2007 by two groups; Res Publica and Res Publica had a goal of unity all the community experts who had same objectives; advocating for transparency by the authorities, upholding community values, and democracy- doing the will of the people. on the other side is a non-profit organization based in America promoting respect of public policies. Both organizations came together to fight for compliance with human rights and be the voice for the voiceless.

While Avaaz may have been made stronger by these two activist groups, it is worth noting appreciating the individual contributions of the co-founders of who happen to be core players in the co-joined groups. Leadership

Ricken Patel is the founding president and the chairman of groups and has a record of public service. He has served globally under International Crisis Group.

Patel’s ability to foster negotiations and agreements may be attributed to his extensive experience in the field and even his studies. He is the graduate of politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE) at the Balliol College based at Oxford University.

Patel later received his Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University.


Avaaz unlike some other organizations, do not accept any government or any company’s funding. They do this to protect their autonomy of acting on their priorities.

But instead, rely on its members’ contributions which in turn make them accountable and free. The spirit of growing together has kept Avaaz going and focusing on the same values keeps them always glued on the mission.

For more information on Avaaz follow them on Twitter @avaaz