Important Life Line Screening Services to Try

According to research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 40% of deaths in America are preventable. This is possible if people invested in preventative  for health measures, rather than diagnosis sessions.

Since 1993, Lifeline Screening has kept thousands of Americans healthy through early screening. Unlike ordinary diagnosis sessions, Lifeline Screening involves detecting unrecognized health issues. The company has headquarters in Oak Tree, OH. They also host community-based events in neighborhoods and social centers.

The company has modern advanced technological equipment and staff to perform the screening. They have about 486 certified medical professionals with licenses from the Medical Board.

Life screening aims at decreasing health risks among their clients. With the preventive and wellness approach, their plans supplement regular healthcare. They offer three primary screening services. Ultrasound, finger-stick and limited electrocardiograph.

Sonography- the advanced name for ultrasound screenings-involves sending of high frequency sounds to monitor the state of body organs. This technique does not involve pain surgery, and it is efficient for monitoring the state of a heart or fetus. It also works for artery, bone and abdominal screening.

Finger-stick blood testing tells whether a patient risks heart defects or diabetes. The technique helps find out the cholesterol, glucose and liver enzyme levels.

EKG or ECG is a test that monitors the activities of the heart. Electrocardiogram (EKG) reports the movements of the heart in the form of electrical oscillations. This helps find out the pressure, strength or obstructions in the heart. Early medication could prevent stroke or other heart-related conditions.

Lifeline screening services are necessary because they help in the prevention and management of carcinoma. Screening helps identify cancerous tumors before they spread. If treated in its early stages, cancer is curable.

With screening, you could also boost your testosterone. Testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for male traits. It is the fertility hormone for men. Screening shows the level of the hormone in the blood. Low levels of testosterone could cause erectile dysfunction or thin bones. If ovaries produce too much testosterone, women could suffer acne, irregular periods or grow beards.

In brief, a healthy life has never been more possible. Lifeline Screening services are not only the future of medication but also a perfect way to improve life expectancy. Unlike traditional treatment that relies on diagnosis, Lifeline Screening seeks to prevent diseases before they start showing symptoms.


Clearabee is at Your Reach for Rubbish Removal

Clearabee is a private waste management company based in Britain. The company’s headquarters are located in Birmingham and has fifteen branches throughout Britain. Clearabee was started in February 2012, by Daniel Long and Rob Linton. The company became functional a year later by launching an on-demand waste management service in February 2013. By the year 2015, the company had serviced for more than 30,000 customers and earned revenue amounting to 4.1m.


About Clearabee


Currently, Clearabee is London’s largest man and van rubbish removal company. This puts it ahead of other companies when it comes to response time and value for money. Clearabee has vehicles all over London hence they are always within reach for their clients. This allows them to exempt congestion charges like other companies. In London, they always have vehicles on site within the shortest period of time. For rubbish removal, clients can arrange morning, evening or weekend rubbish collection depending on what time it suites the clients.


Anyone having questions on what kind of rubbish collection Clearabee offers, don’t need to worry, their services are extended to those who require any kind of clearances and rubbish removal in their homes, businesses and outdoor areas. They are available six days a week and are open both in the morning and evening. The company does not subcontract man and van for rubbish removal or clearances. To get you rubbish removal, all you need to do is book an attendance. This can be easily done through their online platform or by calling them. Clients are assured if you book them you get them.

Energy Efficiency Should Be A Consideration Explains Goettl

The Goettl brand of HVAC technicians has recently been looking to raise awareness of the issue of remaining energy efficient in the Summer months when cooling systems are often working overtime. In a recent article entitled “Goettl’s Tell All Secrets To Staying Energy Efficient This Summer” this historic brand has explained how a few simple changes to the HVAC system in any property can reduce utility bills and lower energy use for any property owner; technology plays a role with Goettl recommending the use of smart technology to control an HVAC system remotely.

Technology plays its part in helping the residents of any property to remain energy efficient throughout the Summer, but there are also small steps recommended by the experts at Goettl that can have a big impact on energy use within a property. Among these small steps is the need to use ceiling fans that can help rotate cooled air around rooms and help keep a room at its desired temperature. Furthermore, the shade can also play a role in lowering energy use and becoming more efficient with an HVAC unit located in a shaded spot always running more efficiently than one working in bright sunshine attempting to cool warmed air.

The Goettl brand has been looking to aid members of the community in the areas they service with a seemingly ever increasing number of technicians and vans operating in all areas. As an active member of the community, Goettl completes much philanthropic work, including the provision of bottled water for homeless members of the community in Phoenix, Arizona each year.

The expansion of Goettl has been completed quickly since the 2014 purchase of the brand by Ken Goodrich who has ensured a number of experienced HVAC and plumbing technicians have begun working for the brand across various parts of Las Vegas, Arizona, and Southern California.


Logan Stout’s Legacy: IDLife, LLC

Growing up, Logan Stout loved Baseball and sports. He had a very competitive mind, always looking for ways of getting ahead of others in sports, in the classroom or any other activity. At his high school J.J. Pearce, he served the Student Athletic Council.

Logan was a bright young man with a mind destined for success. He became a professional baseball athlete and later earned a business degree from Panola and a physiology degree from the University of Dallas.

Logan enjoyed mentoring youngsters in baseball. He was very much satisfied when he saw people he had helped excelled. This is what motivated him to start The Dallas Patriots – one of the biggest baseball organizations in the world. The entity avails training for everyone and offers specialized private classes, baseball clinics, baseball camps and more.

Another way Logan Stout inspires others is through his book: “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”, where he describes his journey from sports to entrepreneurship and shares his success strategies.

He also performs motivational speeches from sold-out arenas to private sports camps to people from all walks of life.His achievements have been featured in many online journals and publications and he has participated in many interviews about sports.

Mr.Stout’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit did not stop with the Dallas Patriot. Mr. Stout also started IDLife, a company whose focus is developing healthcare products that help in the well-being of the mind, body, and soul.

What sets IDLife apart from its competitors is how the company holds the client’s hand by offering a personalized assessment in order to suggest the best solutions for a particular individual. They do this by having the client fill out personal habits and comprehensive health history questionnaire and then give recommendations for nutrition supplements that are unique to their needs.

Logan Stout Today
Logan is grateful to for everyone who has walked this journey with him, from his mentors, teachers, family, and God. He is now married to his high school sweetheart with whom they are blessed with two sons. On his free time, he likes hanging out with his family. He continues to offer inspiration through social media and his weekly newsletter – Stout Advice.

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UKV PLC Has Been Getting Recognized as a Top Vintner By Many

The market of fine wines is currently experiencing a tremendous amount of demands from its respective clientele base, which is mainly driving from some of today’s emerging markets that are getting involved with both investments and drinking. It’s important for wine enthusiasts to know that specific types of wine products possess very low production in which a Chateau is not capable of producing more of previous vintages. Due to this, when a product of wine is consumed over any particular period of time, there is a depletion in the global stock; however, demand either remains constant or emerges. The more scarce the stock becomes, the greater the price increases.

UKV PLC is an organization that’s placing a significant amount of importance on their clientele base. They’re ensuring that the products they carry are of the highest qualities champagne so that they can provide them with exactly what they need and want. If the clientele base is satisfied with the products and services that are offered, then it’s highly likely they will be able to successfully continue the operation of their businesses to learn more: click here.

UK Vintners PLC is a company that has been known to carry wine products that undergo full instances of fermentation. Meaning, if a wine product hasn’t been fermented properly, it’s likely they will not carry it. Fermentation is a process that occurs within the parameters of the proper environment in which the sugars of the wine’s fruits convert into alcohol at appropriate levels. Whether you’re aware of it or not, some best wine products do not necessarily have appropriate levels of alcohol in them even when the label says they do. This is why it’s recommended for you to select your wine products from a vintner that places a tremendous amount of importance on their wine selection processes. Contact one of their consultants today, as they’ll happily guide you.

How Kevin Seawright Connects People To Their First Homes

Kevin Seawright joined RPS Solutions LLC (Real Property Solutions) as its Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner In January 2015. RPS Solutions is a company located in Baltimore, Maryland that buys and renovates homes. These homes are then sold to first time home buyers in the area.

The goal of the company is to increase the residential property ownership percentage of the city of Baltimore from its current 46% to a number higher than 66%.
As the leader of RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations as well as its strategic vision. He works with over 20 contractors as well as a large staff and volunteers who help to renovate the homes. He is also responsible for hiring staff as well as developing, motivating, and evaluating them in order to meet the mission of his company.

According to Crunchbase, a large part of Kevin Seawright’s background is in public service. He was a high-ranking member of the city of Baltimore’s city government in a variety of different capacities and different departments of the city. Some of his roles during his 10 years with the city of Baltimore includes being the Payroll Director, Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer of the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, as well as the Vice President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

He left the government of Baltimore in 2011 and joined the private company Tito Contractors as their Vice President of Operations. His success at this company and exposure to the world of real estate in Baltimore led to his role at RPS Solutions. Kevin was also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

This corporation is funded by the city of Baltimore and is charged with creating business opportunities in the city that will rebuild the city’s industry and business environment.
Kevin is a graduate of Rocklands University with a degree in Accounting. He also earned his MBA in 2006 from Almeda University.

In 2015 he began attending the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business and earned his Executive Leadership degree in 2016.

Jim Tananbaum; a Successful Investor with an Eye for Great Ideas

To many, Foresite Capital is just a firm that invests on healthcare-tech inventions. However, little is told regarding the company’s successful journey. In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Foresite’s founder, Jim Tananbaum spilled a few details concerning the firm’s long worthy journey. According to Jim, launching Foresite was motivated by his more than 25 years spent both as a healthcare professional and an investment strategist.

Just like any other successful entrepreneur, Jim’s typical day is spent around other members of his team as well frequent meetings to discuss the company status. Jim is a committed family man. Therefore, if not having dinner with a friend or associate, Jim loves enjoying the meal with his loving family.

In the tech industry, at times bringing an idea into life is proven difficult. While talking to IdeaMensch, Jim Tananbaum said that bringing ideas into life does not only revolve around the capital but instead requires the mindset of the smartest and capable leaders in the healthcare sector. Thus, through his company, excitingly, individuals have managed to make scientific discoveries to solve healthcare largest unmet needs.

During an interview with IdeaMensch, Jim Tananbaum said persistence is a thing that he would boldly suggest to any investor out there seeking success. According to Jim Tananbaum, doing a thing over and over again is an act that he enjoys doing with less fear of losing.

The renowned individual, Jim, who once took the risk of investing all his liquidity in people, told IdeaMensch that one of the strategies that attribute to his success is his critical skill of understanding the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry is ever-changing, a thing that Jim is well adopted. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

About Jim Tananbaum

Many know Jim Tananbaum as the seating CEO and the founder of Foresite Capital, a company that today manages $1.1 billion worth of assets. Jim takes credits for the success of Foresite, an accomplishment that is influenced by his more than 25 years’ experience in the healthcare sector.

Jim is well-known for his involvement in the founding of biopharmaceutical companies. Upon graduating from the Harvard Medical School, Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, a firm that introduced two drugs to the market for about $80 million. Jim also founded Theravance, Inc. Also, Jim was a founding partner of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Before, Jim was a partner at Sierra Ventures. Besides, the successful professional has led many investments such as Amerigroup, Healtheon, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

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Omar Yunes Draws Global Attention to Mexican Franchises

Omar Yunes is a Sushi Itto franchisee who won the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) Award in Italy in December of 2015. He started in the business of Japanese food when he was 21 and since then he has become the owner of 13 franchise units in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz. These units make up about 10% of the total franchises of the Sushi Itto brand. Yunes is proud to represent Sushi Itto and recognizes that this award is not only his alone, but it also belongs to his 400 collaborators at his 13 locations and the possibility to innovate which Sushi Itto allows.

In the 2015 BFW edition, there were representatives from 34 countries with strong players from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. The evaluation criteria for the Best Franchisee of the World Award was the franchisee’s influence in the franchise network, knowledge, saving methods that were implemented, employee motivation, direct improvements and proposed model improvements. The judges of the Mexican contestants were representatives from the University of Anáhuac (Universidad Anáhuac), the Mexican Franchise Association (Asociación Mexicana de Franquicias), business executives and entrepreneurs

According to Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of BFW Mexico, Yunes won the award because he was an important factor in creating a way of managing information and control systems that allow the brand to measure the success of franchise units with clarity. In addition, he says that Yunes helped put Mexican franchise businesses in the global scenario.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican business executive and has drawn global attention to Mexican Franchises. He has strived to promote teamwork in his franchise units in offering clients excellent service as well as exceptional food and hospitality. Omar Yunes is a prominent figure in Mexico and has been recognized for is exceptional results in making Mexican franchises reach global levels.

A Loyal and Hard-Working Finance Executive

Investor Warren Buffett has a lot of confidence in his investment skills. He’s just bet a cool $1 million that he can surpass a handful of hedge fund managers in the investment returns realm. He believes that he can accomplish this just by putting his money into an S&P 500 index fund that’s passively managed. The fate of this bet will come to light at some point in 2017. It seems like Buffett is going to end up being the lucky one in this situation, too. He’s totally right. Pricey and lackluster funds are plentiful. Funds that take advantage of investors are plentiful as well.


Timothy D. Armour is often referred to as just “Tim.” He works as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and chairman of Capital Group. Capital Group is a famed financial services firm that’s based in Los Angeles, California. It was established in 1931 by Jonathan Bell Lovelace and has a total of approximately 7,000 staff members. Armour isn’t only responsible for CEO and chairman duties in his career, either. This finance executive is the Capital Research and Management Company’s principal executive officer. He’s even the Capital Group Management Committee’s chairman and learn more about Timothy.

Armour is a skilled portfolio manager who has been a big presence in the enormous investment universe for well over three decades now. He’s been a part of the Capital Group team since his first day in investment, too. He’s enjoyed many different roles during his time at Capital Group. He used to be an equity investment analyst. That’s when he was in charge of American and international telecommunications services firms. When Armour initially appeared at Capital Group, he was a member of the company’s popular “The Associates Program” and Timothy lacrosse camp.

Armour is a graduate of Middlebury College in quaint Middlebury, Vermont. This is a renowned private liberal arts institution that was established back in 1800. He earned a bachelor’s degree at the school. His major was in economics. His economics background has been a significant asset in his rewarding and involved financial career. He makes the most of his economics skills and abilities on a daily basis and learn more about Timothy.

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