Wengies DIY phone Hacks

One of Wengie’s most popular YouTube videos is her 10 DIY phone hacks video. Throughout this video she shares a variety of different tips and tricks with her viewers that not only offer fun things to do with your phone but also convenient ways to use it.


One of the top hacks is how to make a stylus for your phone. A stylus is a great way to scroll and type so you do not have to use your fingertips. It is very simple to make and requires very few items. Wengie also shows her viewers how to create an armband out of a simple item like a sock. An armband is the perfect way to use your cell phone while working out or when you need your hands free. Armbands can cost money so making it at home can save you time as well as cash.


Some of the other great tips Wengie shares throughout the video is how to make homemade speakers for your phone, a projector out of your phone as well as how to make neon lights look even cooler just using your phone. The video has a variety of different tips that can help every cell phone user.


With so many great ideas it is easy to see why Wengie is one of the top content creators on YouTube. She currently has well over five million subscribers and each of her videos receives millions and millions of views. Her fun bubbly personality as well as her knowledge and creativity makes her one of the top YouTube creators to watch. She is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to make and use different items. She offers many tips and tricks on how to save time as well as save money with very little effort.

Fabletics: A Store For People That Know How To Use It

Fabletics has a unique business model that is worth understanding. People who take the time to understand how it works will find that it is one of the best business models. It has gained a lot of success among people that it has taken the money to open up physical locations. This is one of the last steps in securing its success as a fashion company. For one thing, fashion companies have faced plenty of limitations when it comes to online selling. It is important for people to be able to try the clothes on they are interested in. Otherwise, they may wind up buying the wrong size. For one thing, it is not practical to spend money on buying the same suit until one finds the right size.


Fortunately, Fabletics is able to take care of the customer from the internet. One of the most important things that Fabletics offer are different styles that one would not find in any other athletic clothing store. These styles are elegant. Anyone who wears these styles will feel a lot better about themselves. One thing that could be said about fashion is that even an adjustment to the wardrobe could be life changing.


Fabletics has gained a lot of positive reviews for all of the products that it offers. It is also willing to help with customers so that they will feel like they are cared for. After all, customers look at the type of services that a company gives when there are issues with the product. Fabletics is willing to pay attention to the customers and make the necessary adjustments to their business so that they will gain the trust of others.


In the end, the best aspect of the store is the products that it offers. Fabletics offers plenty of great styles that allow people to feel unique and precious. As of right now, there are even more plans to bring even greater influence to the trends around the world. This would include opening up more locations in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Fabletics definitely plays a part in the future of fashion for people.

Interest in the Kabbalah Centre Grows to Record Levels

The thin red piece of string worn by followers of The Kabbalah Centre has become a common sight around the world with celebrities and people working everyday jobs searing this simple symbol of how they choose to study religion. Although wearing a piece of red string has been seen as a symbol of The Kabbalah Centre it is in fact an ancient tradition that is based on the 23 volumes of the Zohar scripture and ancient Jewish traditions; despite the teaching of the group being nondenominational many of the actions and symbols of the group are based on the ancient traditions of Jewish faith.

The fact Kabbalah teachings are said to date all the way back to the Garden of Eden means they predate the formation of any mainstream religions, and can be used to fill in some of the blanks many people feel are found in the faith they choose to follow.

The Kabbalah Centre has used many of the latest pieces of technology in a bid to reach as many people as possible around the world, including the use of Online classes and courses that allow people living away from major Kabbalah Centre locations to explore these impressive teachings. It is said a number of great Jewish leaders were given the knowledge of Kabbalah that is now being passed on through The Kabbalah Centre in a bid to make sure the path to the most spiritual life possible was always known; in the case of Moses, many followers of The Kabbalah Centre and its teachings have seen coded messages regarding seeing more of the universe than ever before in the stories told of this ancient Jewish leader in The Bible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies You Must See


Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of the most famous stars of Hollywood. He was the epitome of an action star during the 80s and 90s. While a lot of the action movies of that time were not complex films, there are some that stood out among the rest. Arnold Schwarzenegger has had the privilege of being a part of those films.  These are some of the absolute best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies:


Total Recall


One of the more complex but also best movies. This film carries a plot with a complexity that is similar to Blade Runner. However, this film was filled with tons of action and gore compared to the slower paced Blade Runner.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Perhaps the most iconic of Arnold Schwarzenegger films, Terminator 2 is the larger than life action movie sequel to the low budget sci-fi/horror film. Arnold reprises his role as The Terminator, one of films most famous villains. While it does carry on a similar story to the original, it never feels like a retread. There were other films of this franchise. However, they never matched the level of the first two films.


Other notable films in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography are Predator, Commando, Conan: The Barbarian. Raw Deal, Red Heat, and True Lies. Arnold has taken a break from film in order to serve as the governor.





Martin Lustgarten: Assisting Companies, Organizations and Businesses

Easily regarded as one of the best investment bankers in America, Martin Lustgarten accumulated a positive reputation amongst various businesses, organizations and corporations nationally. Often relying on his very own personal sense of wisdom and hard work ethic, Martin Lustgarten single handedly penetrated the investment banking field with high hopes.


As all successful ventures and businesses require hard work, Martin has incorporated his long-term experience in finances into his daily work regimen.


Using his excessive knowledge in financial investing, Martin Lustgarten started his very own firm. Officially named Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm, this firm specialize in capital advising, financial investments and fund raising. This strategic firm works closely with clients to ensure the greatest possible outcome.


Working hand in hand with entrepreneurs, Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm is also responsible for promoting other businesses. The Florida based investment banking firm has effectively helped countless companies achieve their financial goal. Using specified financial planning and hard work, the Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm emerged as one of the most successful and experienced investment banking firms in the nation. The leadership of Martin has certainly influenced both local and national banking investors. Leading the investment field in client relations and lucrative business ventures, the Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm is continuously growing and increasing its solidified reputation as one of the best. Extending advice in finances, financial assistance and overall professionalism, Martin and his firm dedicated decades of gathered experience to help other organizations grow.

Quick, easy and fun hair hacks by Wengie

Wengie’s fun and easy to watch YouTube video 10 Hair HACKS every LAZY PERSON Should KNOW!!!” shows how to get fun, sophisticated style with some simple tips anyone can follow. Starting with the basics she recommends getting proper nutrition. She shows the battles we all have with ourselves about eating right and taking supplements to support healthy hair and skin. She does this by talking to a less than perfect version of herself throughout the video. This keeps the video entertaining and relatable.


She suggests the use of sulfate free shampoo to protect your expensive hair color from washing down the drain. This is how Wengie protects her vibrant “unicorn” hair. Several other tips she covers, relate to tools and unique ways to use them, or substitutes when the preferred ones aren’t available.  She also shows quick, easy ways to keep from losing track of bobby pins, which always seem to vanish right before your eyes, using Tic Tac containers or magnetic strips. Or if you don’t have a clear hair elastic for the end of a braid she shows how to use a bobby pin vertically and camouflage it with a section of hair. She gives a tip on hands free use of a hair dryer that allows you to use the time to apply makeup.


Wengie’s hair styling tips are the best part of the video. For people unable to braid she demonstrates a technique involving splitting the hair into two sections and alternating tying it up in an elastic. The result is full looking expert “braid.” Another style she illustrates using a rolled up sock to form a loose, full, messy bun that is sophisticated enough to wear to a wedding. All of these and more make this Wengie video a great one to watch for anyone looking for a few quick, fun tips to streamline their haircare routine.