Who is Ryan Seacrest?

If you are a fan of entertainment TV Shows, it is most likely that you have seen or heard about Ryan Seacrest. In the current generation of young people who are motivated to pursue a career in the entertainment industry making it in the industry is very important. It is one of the most lucrative industries currently. So, if you have a chance to join the industry, you should make an effort to do your best and make a career out of it just like Ryan Seacrest, the ever popular host of American Idol. So, if you are among the people who have no idea about him or what he does, here will look at a summary of his life.

Ryan Seacrest is an icon in the American entertainment industry. He is a host of a popular show known as America Idols. Most likely you have heard about American Idols. The show which appears on ABC is one of the most followed shows by the young generation since it shows music talent from around the world.

Ryan Seacrest is not only in this industry as an entertainer or show-host; he is one of the people who has invested in the industry. He is an entrepreneur who makes a living out of the industry. He is a creative entrepreneur and an award winner for his great role in the management of creative talent in the country. He is an investor in various televisions, both broadcast, and cable as well as several syndicated and local radio. Due to his entrepreneurial interests in the industry, he has managed to invest in many other entertainment companies around the globe.

According to nytimes.com, as a result of the money he has made from the entertainment industry, Ryan Seacrest is not just about the entertainment; he is interested in helping the needy people. He has been in philanthropic activities helping the needy people. He intends to create an impact among the youths. His philanthropic activities are nationwide and are meant to influence as many people as possible.

Some of the other shows that Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) host includes On Air, Live with Kelly and Ryan and many more shows.

Visit Ryan’s Distinction website: https://www.ryanseacrestdistinction.com/

End Citizens United:Average people Speaking out

The political climate in America is always subject to change. There is only one guarantee that politicians will put the concerns of their constituency first when suggesting policy and that is the threats that they may lose their job if they don’t. The idea of one vote per person ensures that everyone has an equal say when it comes to the policies representatives champion. By this reasoning, it would seem that politicians would respect the will their constituency, however, there is another factor corrupting the political landscape in America. This factor is the influence of money on our political system. In 2010 the Supreme Court made an incredibly unpopular ruling in the case of Citizens United versus FEC. This ruling basically amounted to money being the same thing as speech. This means that rich people can donate as much money as they want to their candidate without being subject to any sort of regulation.

Naturally, this puts the average American a disadvantage. While the rich people can afford to donate thousands of dollars to ensure their candidate votes the way they would prefer the average American has no such luxury. Ultimately, this type of policy is furthering the corruption of political candidates as they sell their votes to the highest bidder. In the long run, this will lead to increasingly disproportionate legislation. Most laws passed by this type of corrupt government will disproportionately favor the needs of the rich over the needs of the poor. This type of situation can easily lead to politicians ignoring the needs of those who cannot line their pockets. The average American, however, is not willing to take such an offensive ruling without a fight.

Grassroots efforts such as those pioneered by political organizations like End citizens United are fighting against the corruption of our government. End Citizens United has determined that the most effective way they can fight back against this corruption is by supporting those politicians with the integrity to reject the bidders for their vote. End Citizens United has made it their mission to raise money through grassroots campaigns from average citizens to support these politicians that are a disadvantage in the current political landscape. The efforts of End Citizens United are trying to change the face of American politics.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

PSI Pay Financial Institution Article

Psi pay: integrating digital payments.

Many people have not understood the function of a digital wallet. These wallets operate in the same way as the leather billfolds used traditionally.


The digital wallet has enhanced security by replacing the paperwork with a mobile device. The wallets that are digital will also provide a more convenient place for credit and loyalty cards.


With the growing use of cryptocurrencies, many people have switched to a digital wallet to access the cryptocurrency funds so that their usage can be for buying goods in shops and spending on restaurants.


A Fintech company, Psi pay, is fully regulated and controlled by the United Kingdom financial conduct authority. It has focused on the provision of services to both international and local students. They have also ensured a smooth transition by the consumers to digital banking.


Psi Pay has been fully authorized by the British authorities to issue E-funds (electronic funds) since 2011, and this has promoted their rapid growth in their business volumes by over 30%.


By integrating the European market in its plans, Psi pay has helped many customers through the use of contactless payments that allow less handling of the card by the waiter by providing an option of paying with a smartphone. The mode of contactless payment has gained more popularity, and hence the revenues of the company have soared high by a significant percent.


Through their partnership with Psi pay, KERV has provided wearable devices, for instance, the Zirconia ceramic ring that reduce the tiresome efforts of having to remember pins every time or carrying smartphones every time they have to make a transaction.


This partnership will be a massive boost for the company sales of the rings and the replacement of the sophisticated mobile wallet system.


The contactless devices will also help connect with the online and offline merchants who accept MasterCard payments. The payments by MasterCard will aid in deposits of bank and debit funds in their wallets. In-app purchases and online payments will also occur readily through the use of the payment rings.


Both Phil Davies, who is the psi pay managing director and Phil Campbell, the CEO of KERV were keen to commend their partnership. Davies cited the revolutionary change of payment applications and emphasized on their innovation and solutions the business will provide. Campbell also praised the move since it allows access control, convenience in the payments and data sharing.


The KERV payment ring has received various accolades, for instance, the Temenos innovation Jam and has been privileged to obtain a media coverage globally besides achieving its target on kick starter.

OSI Group Has Been In Good Hands For Decades With Sheldon Lavin At The Lead

Sheldon Lavin is a well-known businessman and owner of the massive food processing corporation, OSI Group. The company is more than 100 years old, starting back in 1909 as a small family-owned operation that functions as a meat market. Today, OSI Group has nearly 70 facilities spread out in more than a dozen different countries around the globe with thousands of employees. Despite this success, the company is still growing today, with new innovations still being cooked up by Sheldon Lavin.

Midway through the company’s existence, the built a relationship with the company, McDonald’s as their beef patty supplier. Anyone who knows of McDonald’s can already see why this is a good thing since McDonald’s selling millions of burgers each and every year all around the world. By creating new methods for providing McDonald’s with all the fresh beef patties they needed, Otto & Sons was able to remain McDonald’s supplier and grew exponentially.

When the company started expanding rapidly with the success of working with McDonald’s, Otto & Sons called in Sheldon Lavin for financial advice on how to expand their company. The company was growing quickly, but Otto & Sons decided to retire in a few short years, allowing the company to move over to Lavin. Sheldon expanded on every area of the company, including the product list. In the beginning, Otto & Sons was focused on meat, but now OSI Group has included vegetables, poultry, dough, and much more to the list.

Sheldon Lavin has steadily been expanding the company ever since he became CEO, opening up new facilities in more states and countries at a steady rate. Sheldon’s first order of business when taking over the company was to make it an international corporation, which is why he opened food processing plants in places like Germany and Spain. Entering a high growth face due to being an international company, Sheldon Lavin’s business strategies worked without a hitch to allow the company to reach new heights.

Once OSI Group spread into Asia, their customer base rose into the millions. This catalyst for growth was exactly what Sheldon Lavin was looking for when he wanted to expand the company. Over the past few decades, OSI Group has done food processing for some of the biggest chains out there, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks.

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Ryan Seacrest Foundation Mixes Entertainment With Education

Famous TV personality and radio/talk show host Ryan Seacrest, like most other famous people, has started a charity foundation aimed at helping children. While this first part may not sound unique, the approach of the foundation is quite unique. The mission of the Seacrest Foundation, at least for now, is to create educational programs for children that focus on using the creative potential of media as a learning tool.

To be more specific: The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has decided that its first mission will be the establishment of entertainment production studios in many of the nation’s pediatric hospitals. These unique and enjoyable studios (known as “Seacrest Studios”) will aim to help children learn, have fun, and recover all at the same time. During their stay at these hospitals, the children will have access to a fully equipped recording studio with everything they need to get as creative as they want.

They will be able to broadcast their own internet radio show, or create a music video, or maybe just create some unique art that helps them to get through their predicament a little more easily. The idea of it is to encourage creativity and media production skills for as many young people as possible. This, Ryan Seacrest believes, will be of long-term benefit to the nation and possibly the world. In addition, it is hoped that the beneficial and stimulating experience that can only come from creativity will aid in the healing process.

According to Forbes, the idea certainly seems feasible. The placebo effect alone is sufficient proof to show that a person’s mental state can directly affect their health. But even if it does not work to speed the physical healing process, there is no doubt that the mental and emotional benefits will remain.

The idea has been well-received by most of those who know of it. Many pediatric hospitals have already applied to participate in the program. And why wouldn’t they? There’s really no downside for them. Ryan Seacrest has made a point of visiting these media centers, just to see how things are going and give the children a little encouragement. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

All About Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a leading attorney in the Sao Paulo financial center of Brazil. With over a decade of experience either studying or working within the field, Bruno has made a name for himself and the company he launched in 2016, Fagali Advocacy. Before beginning his own career, Bruno studied at several universities throughout Brazil. He obtained a degree in Administrative Law in 2012 from the University of Sao Paulo. In 2015, he earned his Master’s degree from the Catholic University of Brazil in law. Despite being new to the field and just starting his career, his extensive background and education has earned him a spot with some of the most well-known attorneys within the country.

Besides the amount of education he has had, Bruno Fagali worked with several organization and law firms before graduating from the university. His work with the Vargas Foundation gave him the skills and knowledge to begin his own career in compliance and administrative law. He also volunteered for several charities while going to school and worked at the House Opportunities as a family intern lawyer. Despite the fact that he does not work as a family lawyer any longer, what he was able to learn from the company continues to go with him while working with both individual clients and their families.

Bruno Fagali launched own company in 2016 known as the Fagali Advocacy. There was a gap in the market for high-quality compliance and administrative law, and Bruno realized that there needed to be a corporation that helped both companies and high net work individuals to obtain these legal proceedings in a convenient and professional manner. The Advocacy’s website blog is continually updated by Bruno himself as a way to educate people of Brazil of the varying laws and degrees that are needed when working with administrative proceedings. When Bruno is not working at his office or helping clients with their own cases, he can be found spending time with his wife and children. He is also a lover of all things soccer-related and can often be found at different sporting events.

Bruno Fagali’s  Social Media: twitter.com/BrunoFagaliPR

Milan Kordestani’s Journey to Success

Milan Kordestani, famed for being among the youngest CEO’s in the world is the founder of Milan farms and was born in Stanford, California. Kordestani joined Philips Brooks Elementary School in California where he grew up. In 2009, Kordestani was forced to change schools and move to Eaton Square School in London, England due to his parents’ divorce. He then returned to Bay Area, California where he studied at Sacred Heart Preparatory to clear his High School and graduated in 2017.

Milan Kordestani started his passion in horse riding at a tender age of 10. Despite being thrown off while trail riding on a runaway horse, he did not relinquish his dream of being an equestrian. Kordestani attended horse riding lessons at Atherton, California. After a short while of training, he proceeded to compete at higher levels on world champion horses. Kordestani first reaped the fruits of his labor in 2015 where he won the first leg of the triple crown while riding on his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. He was later ranked fourth in the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

In the third round of the triple crown, he attained the third position nationally at the American Royal. A year later, Kordestain then showed a tremendous improvement at the Worlds Championship Horse Show where he gained the second-place title, marking his best position to date.

Milan Kordestani was also an all rounded teenager. Besides being one of the best in horse riding, he was also successful a prosperous farmer. Kordestani established a farm from which he harvested eggs, saffron, and poultry in the year 2015. Kordestani entered the books of history at his young age as being the first farmer ever to grow saffron using mineral nutrient solutions on microfiber sponges under a drip irrigation system. The Milan Farms are pegged on the idea of creating a humane and organic method of growing 100% pure saffron and raising poultry. The Milan Farms also embraces the qualities of honesty and transparency in their unique way of farming.

In 2016, The Milan Farms brand and logo became a trademarked company. The Milan Farms has spread its wings to supply eggs across the West Coast and distribute saffron worldwide.

More about Milan Kordestani

Simply put, Milan Kordestani is a genius! While still a student in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has mastered the skill of poultry and saffron farming, an accomplished equestrian and a renowned writer on Huffington Post in the field of mental health, politics, and agriculture.

Find out more about Milan Kordestani: https://www.facebook.com/MilanMathewK


Rodrigo Terpins Inherited Greatness from His Father

It seems like people who have great parents grow up and do great things themselves. When people have those kinds of parents, it’s only natural that they learn how to be great. Most of the time, when people talk about great legacies, they’re talking about politics or sports.


When it comes to sports, there’s one family most Americans know nothing about. It’s not fair that people in this country only hear about athletes who live here. There are athletes in other counties who probably have more talent than the athletes most Americans are familiar with. Check out Terra for more.


Rally racing isn’t the biggest sport in the world, but Brazilian rally racing is currently dominated by Rodrigo Terpins and his brother, Michel. The duo has dominated rally racing for decades, showing no signs of slowing down or nearing retirement. For Rodrigo Terpins, every day is like the first day.

He got into rally driving when he was young. He and his brother grew up watching their father, Jack Terpins, dominate on the basketball court. Jack quickly became a community leader as his career propelled him to local fame. As he neared retirement, his sons focused their energy on rally racing.


Like all professionals, Jack couldn’t help but support his sons’ adventure. Rodrigo taught them everything he knew about focusing, training, and dedicating himself to his craft. Soon, his sons were households in the off-road world. For the past four seasons, the brothers have raced together for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team.


When they joined that team, they began driving the T-Rex, a car MEM Motorsport developed just for them. They’ve won many championships in that car, but their competitiveness sometimes forces them to race separately. They’re still racing for Tea Bull; they’re just not in the same vehicle.


The last championship they competed in was the 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship. It’s a 2,600 km race that only one of the brothers completed. Michel had mechanical trouble, but no one in the car was injured.



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Attorney and Mentor- Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldenstein &Associates is a single law firm which was primarily established to offer the legal services to a variety of clients who include Chief Executive Officers, executive compensation committees, business ventures, as well as management teams.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in the Goldstein L. & Associates, and apart from being a partner, the attorney has been given other responsibilities in other organizations which include being the Chairman of the American Bar Association where he heads the merges and acquisition sub-committee.

Jeremy has a vast experience in the legal sector, he has worked with other legal groups, and he is considered to be a leading lawyer when it comes to executive compensations in the United States of America.

After his high school education, Jeremy did his legal studies from New York University where he graduated with a J.D, Cornell University where he received his Business Administration as well as his M.A from the University of Chicago. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Jeremy is a go-getter and when he realized that there was a conflict in executive compensation he decided to create the Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates to fill the gap that existed when organizations dealing with executive compensations were breaking.

Mr. Goldstein is passionate about people that is why he spends most of his day advising his clients as well as other people on how to make serious decisions about their life including their careers as well as their pay.

Jeremy has been serving in the legal industry for over 20 years, and according to him, there is nothing new for him in the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein is excited about the fact that after many years the executive compensation, as well as the governance in general, is now stable. With the stability, the compensation committees, organizations as well as heads of companies can now direct their strength to other corporate issues which will lead to company growth.

The attorney has been working hard to develop a secure connection with his customers because he knows it is easy to work with people you know. Valuing people has helped Jeremy to be productive in his business.

Goldstein knows that he cannot do without people, and he must stay in touch by calling them, writing to them as well as following on them. To the young generation, Jeremy advises them not to be afraid of setbacks, because what seems like a setback is usually an opportunity.

Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/ and https://medium.com/@Jeremy_Goldstein

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation: Truly Heaven Sent

Upon first hearing about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), I completely shrugged it off thinking that it was another half-ass celebrity charity designed to make the public idolize those with fame. I have NEVER been more wrong about anything in my life! Ryan Seacrest along with his family created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to lift the spirits of terminally ill and physically impaired children during their hospital stays.

I was more that satisfied to find that the RSF is not operated like your typical charitable cause. Ryan and his team thought outside the box while creating Seacrest Studios . Seacrest Studios is a broadcast studio and media center located INSIDE of pediatric hospitals! Yes. It is exactly what it sounds like but even better! This brilliant idea allows the patients to actively be a part of the filming process. The children are granted the opportunity to host the show, conduct interviews, perform, and truly just be kids. It’s nice because other than being busy with his TV and radio shows, Ryan has still time for charities.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, according to Forbes,  was established to create healing energy through the art of fun and games! It gives the patients something entertaining to look forward to. To be expected, some children have a severely weakened immune systems or are just too ill to come to the event. However, this unfortunate circumstance does not stop the team of Seacrest Studios. This innovative group came up with the rather clever idea to set up video conference in EVERY child’s room! This allows each child to be a part of the party whether they are in physically in the Seacrest Studio or bedridden! The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has a firm “No Child Left Behind” Motto. Every child is honored and reminded that they are important and not forgotten.

To make matters even sweeter, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has a huge celebrity following! Just to name a few, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry, All American Rejects (and many more) have made their appearances in the Seacrest Studios to perfom, interact with the children, and make donations to the cause. The Dallas Cowboys even have even stopped by to touch hearts and lift the spirits! This non-profit is truly heaven sent. I personally want to thank the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and every beautiful soul that put their hearts into bringing joy and happiness to our youth in their time of need! Get the latest news on his Instagram and Twitter.

Know more about Ryan’s workout secrets: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html