Attorney and Mentor- Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldenstein &Associates is a single law firm which was primarily established to offer the legal services to a variety of clients who include Chief Executive Officers, executive compensation committees, business ventures, as well as management teams.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in the Goldstein L. & Associates, and apart from being a partner, the attorney has been given other responsibilities in other organizations which include being the Chairman of the American Bar Association where he heads the merges and acquisition sub-committee.

Jeremy has a vast experience in the legal sector, he has worked with other legal groups, and he is considered to be a leading lawyer when it comes to executive compensations in the United States of America.

After his high school education, Jeremy did his legal studies from New York University where he graduated with a J.D, Cornell University where he received his Business Administration as well as his M.A from the University of Chicago. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Jeremy is a go-getter and when he realized that there was a conflict in executive compensation he decided to create the Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates to fill the gap that existed when organizations dealing with executive compensations were breaking.

Mr. Goldstein is passionate about people that is why he spends most of his day advising his clients as well as other people on how to make serious decisions about their life including their careers as well as their pay.

Jeremy has been serving in the legal industry for over 20 years, and according to him, there is nothing new for him in the industry.

Jeremy Goldstein is excited about the fact that after many years the executive compensation, as well as the governance in general, is now stable. With the stability, the compensation committees, organizations as well as heads of companies can now direct their strength to other corporate issues which will lead to company growth.

The attorney has been working hard to develop a secure connection with his customers because he knows it is easy to work with people you know. Valuing people has helped Jeremy to be productive in his business.

Goldstein knows that he cannot do without people, and he must stay in touch by calling them, writing to them as well as following on them. To the young generation, Jeremy advises them not to be afraid of setbacks, because what seems like a setback is usually an opportunity.

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The Ryan Seacrest Foundation: Truly Heaven Sent

Upon first hearing about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF), I completely shrugged it off thinking that it was another half-ass celebrity charity designed to make the public idolize those with fame. I have NEVER been more wrong about anything in my life! Ryan Seacrest along with his family created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to lift the spirits of terminally ill and physically impaired children during their hospital stays.

I was more that satisfied to find that the RSF is not operated like your typical charitable cause. Ryan and his team thought outside the box while creating Seacrest Studios . Seacrest Studios is a broadcast studio and media center located INSIDE of pediatric hospitals! Yes. It is exactly what it sounds like but even better! This brilliant idea allows the patients to actively be a part of the filming process. The children are granted the opportunity to host the show, conduct interviews, perform, and truly just be kids. It’s nice because other than being busy with his TV and radio shows, Ryan has still time for charities.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, according to Forbes,  was established to create healing energy through the art of fun and games! It gives the patients something entertaining to look forward to. To be expected, some children have a severely weakened immune systems or are just too ill to come to the event. However, this unfortunate circumstance does not stop the team of Seacrest Studios. This innovative group came up with the rather clever idea to set up video conference in EVERY child’s room! This allows each child to be a part of the party whether they are in physically in the Seacrest Studio or bedridden! The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has a firm “No Child Left Behind” Motto. Every child is honored and reminded that they are important and not forgotten.

To make matters even sweeter, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has a huge celebrity following! Just to name a few, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas, Katy Perry, All American Rejects (and many more) have made their appearances in the Seacrest Studios to perfom, interact with the children, and make donations to the cause. The Dallas Cowboys even have even stopped by to touch hearts and lift the spirits! This non-profit is truly heaven sent. I personally want to thank the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and every beautiful soul that put their hearts into bringing joy and happiness to our youth in their time of need! Get the latest news on his Instagram and Twitter.

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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin: An Award-Winning Food Industry Executive

Accountant, investor and former banker Sheldon Lavin is having a significant impact on the international food processing industry. As CEO of the OSI Group, he has led his company to become China’s largest poultry producer. Lavin has also build about 70 food processing plants in a dozen and a half countries worldwide. When people in 85 countries on five continents go to the supermarket or out to eat, chances are high they are getting foods Sheldon Lavin’s company produced. And Lavin continues to expand the customer base of his company in the U.S. and worldwide by building and acquiring additional food processing facilities.

In Europe, Sheldon Lavin acquired frozen poultry, specialty desserts and condiments manufacturer Flagship Europe, which has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. He also purchased Dutch food manufacturing company Baho Foods. Add that to the production facilities Lavin built in Hungary, Spain, Germany and Poland and the OSI Group is providing food for people in two dozen European countries. Lavin also has food processing plants in California, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois in the United States and purchased Amick Farms on the East Coast and a former Tyson Foods facility on Chicago’s south side. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Since Sheldon Lavin took control of the OSI Group almost 40 years ago, he has taken the former Chicago area meat market global and expanded its product offerings to include vegetable, dough, poultry and fish products. His company also produces tasty, nutritious, innovative specially designed foods for people of diverse cultures. But even as the company expands dramatically, Lavin has created forward-thinking production practices that ensure worker and food safety and award-winning environmental management. The British Safety Council is so impressed with Lavin’s production methods, it awarded the company their Globe of Honor on three different occasions.

While building his company into a global food processing industry leader, Sheldon Lavin has also given generously of his time and resources to help a wide array of organizations. He is a major contributor to Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and the family charity the Sheba Foundation. He was also a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation director and a Rush University Medical Center general trustee. The 86 year old Lavin is a loving husband and father, a caring employer and an internationally respected business executive. His impact on the global food processing industry over the past 40 years has been immense.

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Fortress Investment Group: Asset-based Competencies and Other Strengths

Fortress Investment Group LLC would not reach its kind of success right now without making sure that it offers consistent, reliable investment service to its clients. The diversified assets that span a global context of Fortress Investment Group are also testament to its success, but sustaining it is a challenge that the company has easily met with the help of its core competencies.

Strengths of Fortress Investment Group

The world is familiar already with how a good reliable company should operate. It should have transparency for its clients and also opportunities for constant career growth for its dedicated workforce. The employees should be guided on what to do for their active involvement in the company and should know how best to make a company sustain its lead in the market competition. The good thing about Fortress Investment Group right now is that it has the strengths to do just all of these.

It knows how to handle a large chunk of assets, about $43.6 billion to be exact, and not risk all this capital in volatile investments. Fortress also has always made sure that their reputation for reliability since it was founded in 1998 would not stagnate.

The company believes that only when you offer the services that go beyond expectations that your clients expect can you continue doing business with them. With the firm’s impeccable work record in private equity, real estate, and credit, it’s easy to understand why Fortress is still attracting big-ticket clients today. That said, it’s hard to argue that investment performance has always been the core strength of Fortress today.

Fortress’ strength also includes being asset-based. It means that its diversity in its investments is both deep and board asset types. This ensures that when one asset doesn’t fly as expected, the other alternative can still be isolated from the stagnation of the first one’s operations.

It is also still under Fortress’ expertise to offer assistance in owning, financing and pricing physical and financial assets in real estate. The diversified goal of the company regarding long-term cash flows is also a main priority. This brings a whole different level of assurance to the stakeholders who might want to keep their assets always liquid and ready to be convertible to cash.

It is said that you should never ask an investor about advice. Instead, ask for where they are putting their money and investments. In the case with Fortress, we can see that the most number of investments they do is within the distressed and undervalued assets. They’re even putting about $15.1 in it as part of their consistent strategy. The investment in this area comes from intellectual property shares, natural resources, and capital assets. It is then safe to say that there’s an aggressive streak in the strategy of Fortress Investment without forgetting to ensure themselves against hidden risks first. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

In conclusion, Fortress Investment has all the services and competencies necessary for any investor or risk-taker who needs financial guidance. Being still in business since 1998, it also shows the robustness required to gain the trust of investment beginners.

Fortress Investment Group


3 Objectives Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a committee of reformists dedicated to raising money for strategies to counter the influence of citizens united. Citizens United is an election campaign movement which supports election candidates through the financial backing and strategised campaigns. It raises money for such candidates through different undisclosed means. The danger in such undisclosed, unlimited funding is that compromise is possible in elections. This lack of transparency in election expenditure was the reason for the creation of reason End citizens united.


End citizens was formed on March 1st, 2015. The aim was to counter the effects of a federal court ruling in 2010 that allowed for unlimited, undisclosed election campaign expenditure. The group was launched in August 2015. Its director is Tiffany Muller, an alumnus of Washburn and Maryland college park universities where she studied Human services and public administration at undergraduate and postgraduate levels respectively. The group continues to raise grassroots awareness about the need for political reform.

Pro-Reform candidates

End citizens sponsors and support election candidates who want to help bring about change. It supports Democrat but also enjoys the goodwill of Republicans who long for change. Its goal is to see pr-reform candidates elected for their ability to deliver what American citizens want.

Capping UndsiclosedCampaign finance

The group united campaigns for transparency and accountability in election campaigns. The federal ruling of 2010that allowed for undisclosed political spending during elections made way for corrupt deals by-election candidates and placed democracy at stake. End citizen united demands an end to secrecy about election campaign expenditure. The group wants forefront records on election spending. They also want a cap on the amount of money spent on election campaigns. The objective behind End Citizens United is to restore democracy through transparency and accountability in American elections. The members wish to empower citizens to determine their destiny through democratic polls


End citizens united receives financial support comes from the grassroots, funded by the American citizens and well-wishers. The group uses innovative ways of collecting money. For instance, they have a platform online which has a donation page. They also encourage affiliate formations of similar groups website has guidelines about the changes they seek.

The credibility of election is at stake in the united states. There is need to restore the citizen’s confidence in a free and fair election. End Citizens United can sensitise citizens about credibility in elections.

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Paul Herdsman Talks About Tips To Success

Paul Herdsman

In this article, Paul Herdsman talks about the crucial tips that will lead to a successful entrepreneur. Paul Herdsman has entrepreneurial skills since he is a co-founder of NICE Global living in Boca Raton. After graduating, he worked for JM Family Enterprises, Inc. in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He worked for this company from 2001 to 2004 before joining iS3, Inc as the company’s Business Development Director. He also co-founded ATS Digital in February 2014 and used to be its Chief Operating Officer.

Herdsman has led a successful career which makes him be recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs.


Important Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Be Positive. Paul Herdsman advocates for positivity in your business. His thoughts are based on research that indicates that individuals with a positive attitude are excellent problem solvers. You need to be positive about the progress of your business. This will help you to identify areas of strength and weakness as well. Having these facts, you will be in a more dominant position to understand the areas of improvement. Paul adds that the best way to eliminate negativity is to express your gratitude. You have to comment on the areas of growth as a well as success.


Risk-Taking. Paul Herdsman states that risk-taking is a critical factor in success. The difference between successful and failed business is the different degree of fear of risk-taking. If you intend to be a successful entrepreneur, then you must not fear to risk. You must risk knowing the potential of a product in the market.


Eliminate Shortcuts. Whereas there are some who make it fast in business than others, you need to prepare to work hard. Majority of the most successful entrepreneurs have reaped their success out of the hard work they underwent in creating their brand. Thus, be prepared to long working hours.


Have the Right Team. It is nearly impossible to accomplish your achievements alone. You need to have the right team behind you. Assess their skills and talent and see whether they match your requirements. Paul Herdsman says that it’s intelligent to opt for a team with diverse skills so that they can examine a problem from different angles.


Learn from Your Mistakes. It is normal for mistakes to occur in business. However, it is wrong to repeat the same error since it can jeopardize your business. Most entrepreneurs have earned their success from their previous mistakes.


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Entrepreneurial Lessons with Peter Briger

Business is a global affair, some people are better than the others when it comes to generating ideas, starting and running businesses. According to some scholars, some of the entrepreneurial characteristics are in born. For example the urge to succeed and to have financial freedom. Entrepreneurs are different from ordinary businessmen. Entrepreneurs are good planners while ordinary businessmen are just survivalists. The entrepreneurs are persistent and creative when it comes to implementing the business idea.

Peter Briger is one of the senior members of the management of Fortress Investment Group, he serves as a board member of the organization. The company was established decades ago. It has since gained global recognition and the performance has been increasing with time. He has displayed good leadership qualities and this has enabled him to move up the ranks in the organization. An organization must be able to manage its credit levels as it has an impact on its solvency. Peter Briger is tasked with the role of managing the company’s credit. He is also responsible for the performance of the real estate business.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was working at Goldman, Sachs & Company. Due his organizational skills, he is appointed to serve in various forums. He is a philanthropist, he works with a non-governmental organization with the aim of helping families that live in poverty. People from some parts of the world live below the poverty line, there is the need to intervene to ensure that every human being lives a dignified life. Despite his various role, he still works on improving their livelihoods and giving them hope.

Fortress Investment Group has a management team that is highly qualified, Peter Briger is a graduate from Princeton University and also advanced his education through the University of Pennsylvania. He was able to acquire professional skills that have been instrumental in the success of Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is persistent when it comes to business interests the company may have. He doesn’t give up when a company declines a partnership, he instead puts more effort in approaching another potential partner.

Peter Briger is an inspiration to the young particularly, he was able to build his businesses that are worth billions of dollars. He was able to come up with good business ideas that were viable and also products that were highly needed. Many young people in bot developed and developing nations easily give up on facing minor challenges that are considered normal in business.


Alex Pall on their new identity and style

Mathias Rosenzweig of the Interview magazine had a one on one talk with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart famously known as the Chainsmokers after the release of their highly anticipated new single, “closer,” featuring Halsey. He was interested in knowing how the pair would create an identity and keep evolving with their continually growing audience.Rosenzweig asked the duo how they met and what made them know that they could work together.

Andrew narrates that as he was working as a DJ in Maine, something he had been passionate about while still a student in Syracuse, a kid who worked for Alex’s manager told him that the Chainsmokers a DJ duo was looking for a new band member to replace one who was leaving. So he took a bus to New York and as soon as he met Alex, they started working together. Pall added that he knew they could work together because they had similar passions, shared the same core values and wanted to shape an identity around the same thing.

According to Taggart, being a DJ duo and creating a substantial identity as artists weighed the same on both extremes. He said that so many people were producing the same kind of content and it needed a little more effort to create content that was intrinsically yours. Mathias was overly excited by the fact that unlike their peers, the duo sang their songs and in response, Pall mentioned that they always strive to make songs that have a relation to one another.

When asked about their experience working with Halsey, Alex Pall said that she was incredibly talented and owned herself throughout the song which they had written on one of their tours. He added that their audience had become more international and it cut across the age bracket from what he saw on social media. Having said this, Mathias asked how they were changing their live shows to accommodate all their fans regardless of their age. Pall said it was about giving humanity new experiences and pushing on new boundaries.

Upwork Broken Down

As creative as we’d like to think we are, accomplishments are achieved methodically. Even Picasso had a method to his valuable madness. The art that is our day to day living is no different. You will maximize your daily and therefore life achievements by mastering your chore or to do list. Here are 10 easily implemented angles for conquering your day as suggested by Upwork, the leader in freelance networking.


First, avoid trying to maintain an internal running log of what you need to do in a day. Instead, write down every single task with subtasks that you aim to complete on a daily basis. Second, this daily achievements guide is most effective when written ahead of time. You’re not jotting down reminders, you’re planning your requirements.. mapping out points of needed completion in order to move aims and objectives from point A to point B to point C, and so on. Third, keep such a plan in a steady and regularized area even if a task comes to mind during some unrelated activity. Make it a point to rewrite the note inside of your regularized plan book. Fourth, set in your mind a certain time of the day that’s most opportune to complete each task. Consider the full scope of the task, any other involved people, and the next steps. Fifth, prioritize each task. Upwork’s platform permits snapshots of freelancers’ screens such that accountability of time is more readily respected.


Sixth, regularly reassess your weekly, monthly, and daily plans in accordance with the developments of each life objective. Seventh, define each task based on its place among your various goals. Use the subapp ClickUp to track and delegate tasks. We see Upwork’s appliation of this tip in its merger of Elance and oDesk into this now single, broad scope, freelancing venue. Eighth, maintain both a micro and macro perspective regarding your tasks. Regularly reevaluate how each task fits within your various, overall objectives. This will help prevent you from getting bogged down in busy work which tends to usher in ways of escaping daunting or challenging tasks. Ninth, apply batching. Complete all similar tasks within the same time period, such as, all calls, all emails, all delegations, etc. Remember to update the next steps for each. Lastly, when planning out your angle of attack for each task, consider any mental, emotional, financial, etc. impact the task will impose. Use this reflection to decide when and how you will make your moves.

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Stansberry Research Providing Advisory Services for Over a Decade

Stansberry Research is a business based in Baltimore, Maryland. It has been working in the publishing industry since 1999. Previously, the company used to be known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research.

The Stansberry Research has offices in the states of Calfornia, Florida, and Oregon as well. It provides its clients and readers with both monthly and bi-monthly newsletters full of advisory help in a variety of fields in finance written by experienced financial editors. Readers can find advisory services on the topics of corporate bonds, the biotech industry, the mining industry, value, power, natural resources, oil, as well as opportunities for alternative investment which are also featured in every newsletter. According to the corporation of Stansberry Research, the business has readers of its newsletter around the globe in more than a hundred countries.

With roots dating back to 1999, the Stansberry Research was started up by founder Mr. Frank Porter Stansberry. He worked as one of the editors as well as the leader of the business. Mr. Frank Porter Stansberry had ample experience working in financial publication and frequently wrote on topics that were diverse and controversial for the time. He aimed to bring attention and start a fruitful dialogue in order to help the industry progress further into the future.

Up to date, the founder Mr. Frank Porter Stansberry is working as editor of the Investment Advisory/ Before he launched the Stansberry Research, he was one of the most prominent and oldest professionals writing finical letters for English speakers. His newsletter was called the Fleet Street Letter and it achieved huge success which helped him solidify his presence and authority in his line fo work.

In 2011, Stansberry Research published its infomercial called The End of America. It also founded one of its most significant projects called The Project to Restore America a year later. The initiative aimed to cause the American government to have somewhat of a restructure and be prompted to eliminate existing corruption and stir itself on a new ore transparent path.

Currently, the company continues to take on new projects and is working towards expanding across the US further.